• AC Hero Las Vegas

    AC Hero Las Vegas

    10 reviews
    AC Hero Las Vegas Location: 6667 Smoke Ranch Rd Las Vegas, NV 89108 Phone: +17025262294
  • Candy V.

    Candy V.

    It is truly a pleasure to work with a company that knows exactly what they are doing the first time you call them. Reliable, honest, on time, and always friendly. They should be the first ones you call when you need repair service for your heating and Air Conditioning. Brrr Vegas is chilly, better make sure your heater works! If not, then call them right away!
  • Tom O.

    Tom O.

    Fast and dependable. I appreciate the personal service they give you don't get with big name companies .  They are my ac company.
  • Stephani S.

    Stephani S.

    What amazing service! AC Hero is truly your Hero during this hot season! Many other companies out there simply do not care because they know they have the power, or air in other words. AC Hero is compassionate and understands that this heat is torture if no cold air is available. I recommend them to anyone looking for an HONEST and amazing AC Company.
  • Melissa P.

    Melissa P.

    The owner, Alejandra, was very helpful from the beginning. She was prompt in returning my messages and was very honest with her pricing. I had an issue on a late summer evening with one of my AC units and her service man was able to come at 10pm that same night. He thought it was fixed but it turned out the next morning, it was having the same issue. I called Alejandra the next morning explaining the issue and she sent the same service man to fix the issue. It turned out to be something else but he eventually got it fixed! The thing I appreciated was that Alejandra did not charge me an extra charge for the 2nd fix all because they never found the correct problem the first time around. I am thankful for their great service and honest work!!
  • Jorge A.

    Jorge A.

    Well a second time that I used this company , and more than a few that I recommend them . Everything was about time , I ask them if they can be in my claim home at the same time with others contractors and yes it did happen , David show with his truck and got up the roof ." Problem solved  "
  • Joy H.

    Joy H.

    What sets them apart is their commitment to customer service. They have a policy of returning a call within 10 minutes, regardless of the time! They make sure that each technician is trained not only in Heating and Air Conditioning, they make sure that each employee offers exceptional customer service. Las Vegas can be challenging with its summer heat and AC Hero is the company that you can trust to keep your AC units operating properly. It's great to have them on your side of a heat wave!!!!
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