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Furnace Repair / Replacement


Furnace Repair / Replacement

A furnace plays a very important role in your home.

If you feel is not working quite right or it just stopped functioning give us a call and you’ll have it fixed in no time!

Let us be your hero!

There are a variety of furnaces, however finding out that your furnace has broken can be a terrible feeling. There is nothing worse than waking up on a cold winter night and realizing that the appliance responsible for heating your home has broken. AC Hero is your team to help out with your Furnace repair needs in the Las Vegas valley.

Types of Furnaces

Repairs & replacements are better understood when you know exactly the type of furnace that you have and how it works.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace provides warmth by moving air over and through a series of coils. Ductwork and vents then distribute that air to the individual rooms in your home.

Propane Gas Furnace

A Propane Gas Furnace is a type of furnace is fueled by liquid propane gas, which is burned to push hot air through your home. A pilot light ignites the burners within a combustion chamber, which push heat into the heat exchanger and eventually through your entire home. Repairing this type of furnace can be more expensive than its electric alternative.

Natural Gas

Natural gas furnaces operate similarly to the previous one, using a pilot light to ignite the burners and heat up the air.

A well-maintained unit is a happy unit.

It will save you a lot of headaches, and service calls. Our service contracts include cleaning and servicing your HVAC unit and replace your air filter.