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New Home HVAC Systems


Getting a new HVAC system?

There are several extremely important things to consider when buying new HVAC system for your home. Looking at the overall picture will allow us to make the best decision. AC Hero is one of the premier Las Vegas HVAC companies. Our focus is HVAC repair and service in the Las Vegas valley!

The design and type of ductwork.

If the ducts aren’t sized and balanced properly, the home will never be comfortable.

The refrigerant.

Federal law requires R-22 to be phased out. We still service units that are in working condition. We recommend systems that use 410A, these are environment-friendly.

Location of the indoor unit.

Attic-mounted furnaces will eventually leak and cause ceiling damage.

Furnaces mounted in closets at floor level are less prone to cause leaks and water damage, and they are much easier to service.

The efficiency of the HVAC unit.

There are currently 14 Seer units and 16 seer units.

16 Seer units are the most efficient and can save you several dollars on your power bill.

Installing a filter-dryer in an air-conditioner liquid line always extends the compressor life by removing damaging moisture and any grit.

The outside condenser coil type.

Coils that are made of a single metal (such as aluminum coil and aluminum fins or a copper coil and copper fins) last longer and hold their efficiency better.

The return-air considerations.

Remember that, for conditioned air to enter a room, an equal amount of air must be able to leave the room.

We take great pride in being the best HVAC repair and service company in Las Vegas. When you schedule an appointment, our technicians will look at the overall system and make a recommendation for the best HVAC system for your home. Let us be your Las Vegas HVAC company for your new or existing home!